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Three Qualities That Can Make or Break Your Consulting Practice

Starting a consulting practice can be a grueling but rewarding experience that allows you to 1) do what you excel in and love, 2) work with people and organizations you care about, and 3) make your own rules and approaches to work and problem solving. While all of those things sound great, and can be accomplished (within reason), there are three things I’ve learned that can either make or break your consulting practice. I thought [...]

The SC Interview Series: Rich Luby, Founder of Talk the Walk

The SC Interview Series is an effort to highlight the work creative professionals are doing that “move the needle” in how we work and perceive the world around us. The first interview in our series features Rich Luby of Talk the Walk LLC. Rich is a charismatic individual who offers a unique ability to communicate the benefits of workplace diversity while implementing them in a variety of creative methods. Not only is Rich a professional [...]

Telling Stories Through the SC Interview Series

When I started down the path as a consultant combining my 15+ year history in tech and innovation with my deep desire to see individuals and organizations thrive in creating new opportunities for themselves and others, I didn't realize how lonely of a path consulting really is. It's without question the hardest (and riskiest) career move I've ever made, often putting you through a roller coaster of highs and lows. But consulting also gives me [...]

You Must Shatter the Glass Ceiling to Recognize the Benefits of Workplace Diversity

While a record number of employers are implementing more diverse hiring strategies, people with disabilities are often not included or are only hired for entry-level positions. The stark reality is that many people with disabilities find themselves struggling to rise through the ranks into key leadership positions. The absence of people with disabilities in key leadership positions in business, nonprofit, and government further contributes to their disenfranchisement in society. Not only do employers need to [...]

Urban Collaborative Spaces Can Provide Many Benefits for People with Disabilities

Collaborative spaces within the city are more than just rising hotbeds of innovation; they can serve as social equalizers to disenfranchised populations, such as people with physical and cognitive disabilities. Collaborative spaces can help promote social inclusion by acting as accessible hubs of civic engagement, meaningful relationships, learning, innovation, and creativity. As the world becomes more urban and digitally engrossed, especially within our social lives, the importance of smart application of physical space and face-to-face [...]

If you are a creative professional doing some extraordinary work that “moves the needle” in the way we work and how we perceive the world around us, reach out to Josef Scarantino of Scarantino Consulting, for a chance to be featured in the SC Interview Series.

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