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Apprenticeship Stakeholders

Scarantino Consulting Organizes the Critical Stakeholders


Local businesses can provide team mentors and suggestions for capstone projects.


Nonprofits can offer mentors and other support to teams throughout the program.

State Agencies

State agencies and other government stakeholders provide vision and vocational support.


Participants can come from any educational, economic, or occupational background.

Flexible Timeline

We Build An Apprenticeship Program To Accommodate Your Timeline

Cross-Disciplinary Workshops

Our Apprenticeship Program Includes Workshops That Develop Critical Knowledge Across Disciplines

Design Thinking

Design thinking offers creative strategies to solving myriad challenges.
Design thinking is an approach that is increasingly being used outside of the design profession to solve business and social issues. Demonstrating a familiarity with design thinking can boost a job seekers value to potential employers.

Types of Innovation

We teach how to apply different types of innovation to nearly any context.
Approaching challenges with a solid framework of different types of innovation can generate value ranging from nonprofit programs to business products and services.

Professional Development

We practice career coaching, resume development, and even mock interviews.
We work with our partners to implement workshops that take participants through a series of professional development trainings from developing a resume to mock interviews to polishing their online professional image.

…And Soft Skills Development

Soft Skills Help Give Job Candidates An Edge

By the time someone has graduated from college, they have been in the education system for close to 16 years or more. Of those 16 years, the majority of what we learn as students are the hard skills of business, law, science, technology, economics, and hundreds of other disciplines. Soft skills are notoriously difficult to teach in an educational setting and employers are increasingly voicing concerns that the education system of today is not training up the workers of tomorrow with the necessary soft skills that can help them succeed as professionals.

The SC Apprenticeship Program teaches soft skills through group projects where each participant has a chance to practice problem solving, critical thinking, negotiation, conflict resolution, and many other soft skills.

Problem Solving
Conflict Resolution
Critical Thinking
Interpersonal Skills
Leadership Development
Communication Skills

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