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Delivering Experiential Opportunities That Meet Your Mission


We take a holistic approach to solving workforce challenges from training workshops to apprenticeship.


We collaborate with stakeholders to design programs that amplify impact in a sustainable practice.


Our approach to coaching and mentoring ensures both participants experience dividends that last for years.


We prioritize simplicity and ease-of-use in delivering innovative solutions that create organizational efficiencies.

Our Clients

We serve clients with a variety of needs.

SC Apprenticeship

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With a rapidly changing information economy, the ability to discern its impact on employment determines who gets ahead and who gets left behind. Unfortunately, opportunity is not equally distributed. Economic stakeholders from state agencies to businesses and nonprofits each have critical roles to play. To a young adult, adaptability and agility becomes the difference between having an opportunity to pursue their dream and never realizing its fulfillment. Apprenticeship is a welcome opportunity to change that equation.

In 2016, Scarantino Consulting was hired to organize an impactful apprenticeship program that gathered stakeholders from Fortune 500 companies, youth with disabilities, parents, and professionals from vocational rehabilitation backgrounds. Through hands-on workshops, group skills training, and a capstone business project, young adults at varying stages of education and professional careers gained a tremendous experience that will impact their lives for years to come.

We have since developed a customizable toolkit to bring the apprenticeship experience to other communities across the U.S. and beyond. We work closely with partners to design, organize, and facilitate a unique apprenticeship program that brings a positive and lasting impact to the community, while generating measurable results. Our apprenticeship program combines a wealth of soft skills development with workshops on models of innovation, personal branding, and human-centered design.

Learn how we can design an apprenticeship program for you.